It is now widely accepted that cats crave moving water and this is why veterinarians recommend cat water fountains – to ensure they drink enough because without moving water they may very well not drink enough. In the wild, and cats are still very much ‘in the wild’, moving water is safest. Standing water harbors Read More

Things that go BUMP in the yard, house, driveway, etc. (aka, my experience with a deafblind dachshund)!

I had some experience working with Deaf-blind people, so I figured owning a Deaf-blind dog (a “double dapple” mini Dachshund, exactly) would be a walk in the park for me.  And it has been, with flying colors and sugar on top, if by “park” you mean the front yard and carport… but not without its Read More

Preparing to Leave your Pet for the First Time

Preparing to Leave your Pet for the First Time Whether you’re going away for a month or just going on a weekend getaway, leaving your pet for the first time is never easy. Once you welcome a pet into your home, they become a member of your family, so it’s normal that you feel concerned Read More