It is now widely accepted that cats crave moving water and this is why veterinarians recommend cat water fountains – to ensure they drink enough because without moving water they may very well not drink enough. In the wild, and cats are still very much ‘in the wild’, moving water is safest. Standing water harbors Read More

Perfect Holiday Gifts for Dog Lovers

Dog owners loooove spoiling their four-legged companions, and they often buy them birthday and Christmas presents. Oftentimes, they are happier when they receive a present that involves their dog than a present that’s meant to be for humans only. So, if you have one of these dog aficionados in your life, here’s some present inspiration Read More

Things to Consider Before Bringing a Puppy into Your Home

Getting a puppy is definitely a joyous moment for the whole household. However, you have to make sure that the puppy is as happy and overjoyed as you are. In that respect, it’s very important that you prepare your home properly for the puppy’s arrival. There are some things that you have to take care Read More