Things to Consider Before Bringing a Puppy into Your Home

Getting a puppy is definitely a joyous moment for the whole household. However, you have to make sure that the puppy is as happy and overjoyed as you are. In that respect, it’s very important that you prepare your home properly for the puppy’s arrival. There are some things that you have to take care Read More


Things that go BUMP in the yard, house, driveway, etc. (aka, my experience with a deafblind dachshund)!

I had some experience working with Deaf-blind people, so I figured owning a Deaf-blind dog (a “double dapple” mini Dachshund, exactly) would be a walk in the park for me.  And it has been, with flying colors and sugar on top, if by “park” you mean the front yard and carport… but not without its Read More


Motivate Your Doggo for a Quality Dog Training

Dogs are active creatures in general – remaining sedentary and gaining weight won’t benefit neither their physical nor their mental health. Many dog species are having a hard time during summer, even if they’re completely in shape. Now, while you won’t really have trouble taking Fido out for a walk (on the contrary), dog training Read More