Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice or Guinea Pigs? Choose the Right Small Pet

When you plan on getting your child a pet, you need to start off small. Children need to be taught how to be responsible. Giving your child the big responsibility of taking care of a dog should happen once they have managed to take care of a smaller pet. Popular small pets are Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice and Guinea Pigs.

Advantages of Small Pets

Small pets take up very little space. Taking care of smaller pets is easy since they do not require much care. You need to create a safe accommodation for your small pet. Quality discount pet items can help you find a nice cage for your pet. You can let your small pet out in a limited space to let them get their exercise and entertainment. Smaller pets do not need much food as well. So, maintaining a small pet is not expensive.

Choosing the Right Pet

Just because small animals look cute and fluffy does not mean that they are all the same. All the different kinds of popular small animals have their own characteristics and needs.


Hamsters and Guinea Pigs might look the same, but they are very different from each other. Hamsters are smaller than Guinea Pigs. Hamsters are solitary creatures. They do not enjoy the company of other small pets. You need to give your hamster space so they need their own enclosures. Hamsters need to be handled from a young age. Older hamsters may be hostile towards people if they have not been handled from a young age. Ask for hand reared hamsters that have had consistent human contact.


Unlike hamsters, gerbils are not solitary creatures. When kept alone gerbils get bored and uncomfortable. You should buy gerbils in pairs. Gerbils are easier to handle and they tend to be less aggressive. They are highly playful and energetic, so they need bigger enclosures where they can play around with their playmates. You can find the right enclosure with the help of Quality discount pet items.


Mice are the smallest pet that you can get. They are extremely easy to care for. Female mice can be paired with other females. But male mice tend to get aggressive towards other male mice. Mice need small enclosures. Mice tend to be shy and skittish, so you need to gain their trust by handling them from a young age.

Guinea Pigs  

Guinea Pigs live longer than most other small pets. They are not aggressive and choose to bite as the very last resort even when threatened. Larger cages are needed for Guinea Pigs as they need to be kept in groups or pairs. Bored and lonely guinea pigs get noisy. You can buy them toys and enclosures by finding quality discount pet items.


Rabbits too like being in the company of other rabbits. Since they are not very small you can let them roam around outside their cage without the fear of them getting into unwanted spaces. Bunnies need to be given things to chew constantly. If you do not give your bunny things to chew then they may end up chewing things they should not. You can train your rabbit into using a litter box.

You can choose the right small pet depending on the characteristics you are looking for in your pet.

Guest Post by:  Agrima Tikadar


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