Awesome Summer Activities to Do with Your Pet

Summer is here and a great way to spend those long and sunny days is to enjoy in the outdoor activities with your pet. Whether you are spending the most of your time in the backyard, or you are regularly taking walks all over your neighbourhood, make sure you are taking your pet with you.

If you lack the ideas and you are seeking for a recommendation, here is a short list of things you might do together.

Go To the Beach

There is no better place to spend the summer than the beach. It is even more fun if you are taking your pup with you. Check out if there are some pet-friendly beaches in your surroundings. Then, make sure to protect your pet from the sunburn.

If you plan to visit the beach on a regular basis, supply your pet with some sun-protection, like a pet-friendly sunscreen or a piece of protective clothing. A smart thing to do is to avoid visits to the beach when the sun is at its peak. Visit the beach early in the morning, or after 4pm, in order to avoid the harmful effects of sun exposure.

Keep Him Fit

Summer is the best time of the year for engaging in any kind of outdoor activity. In order to take the advantage of this, both you and your pet need to be in shape. Good weather means a lot of running, jumping, swimming and other activities, so besides a healthy nutrition it is recommendable to enrich your pet’s diet with some supplements in order to protect his joints and muscles.

Nowadays it is easy to take care of your pet because you can easily find high quality pet supplies online. Whether your pet needs more calcium to fortify its skeleton, a pain relieving gel to heal its swollen joints, or multivitamins for maintaining the immune system, make sure he gets everything he needs.

Explore Your Town

Is there any place in your town that you still did not explore? It is a perfect opportunity to check it out while you are taking your pet for a walk. Many museums, theatres, art parks and restaurants are pet friendly so try them out if your pet is friendly and well-behaved.

If you have a dog, explore different dog parks where they can run freely and enjoy their time off the leash. You can take advantage of the situation to get to know other dog owners. You can exchange some experiences, learn something new, and even make new friends.

Install Sprinkles in Your Backyard

Those long and sunny summer days can be very exhausting for your pet. If you want to cool him down and create great fun, install sprinklers in your backyard. This is especially useful if your pet is not a swimmer or there is no beach close to you.

Make sure to acquire a pet-friendly sprinkler because dogs love to chase the stream of water and chew the sprinkler. This doesn’t have to be fun only for your pet because you can refresh together by running through the sprinkler. Remember your childhood and join your pet in this fun and refreshing activity.

Take advantage of the beautiful weather during the summer and spend as much time outside with your pet as you can. Go for a regular walk, discover new parts of the town together, go for a swim to the beach, and have fun in your backyard. But keep in mind that pets can be very vulnerable in these conditions. You need to protect your pet from potential dangers, like dehydration, sunburn, injuries, etc.


Guest Post by :  Zara Lewis


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