How to Prevent Strong Dog Smell in Your Home

There are a few smells on this planet that are simply unmistakable. The smell of a wet dog is one of these. We love our pets, but sometimes they can get quite dirty and spread that smell all over the house which can be a bit embarrassing when having company over.

The good news is that there are solutions! In this article we will explore a few things you can do to prevent your dog from stinking up the house.

Wash their Supplies Regularly

Every dog has a dirty old blanket or toy that they proudly carry around everywhere in their mouth. These are a huge source of bacteria and can develop a pretty gross smell over time. The solution is to regularly schedule a day for washing all of their things. If your dog has a bed like one of these, then it’s important to take off the cover and wash it regularly. It can start to smell really terrible if it’s not washed.

Replace Old Gear

Some old dog gear like collars and harnesses can have a terrible smell after being worn for long periods of time. Some of the options available nowadays use a non-odor absorbing material that will help remedy this problem. If your dog’s collar is very old it might be worth it to get a new one anyway.

Household Remedies

One cheap, popular, and effective way to get rid of dog odor is to use baking soda on the carpet, and in areas that your pooch likes to hang out. You can sprinkle a bit on the carpet and even keep a box where the toys and leash are kept. Baking soda absorbs odor so you should notice a pretty big difference in as little as a day.

Clean Their Paws

Believe it or not, a lot of your pets bad smell can be stopped at the door. One thing you can do is to set up a cleaning station. This could consist of a small basin of water, clean rags and a couple of treats if needed to keep your canine calm.

Simply dip their paws in the bucket to get off the mud and then dry them with a clean rag. An easier option is to just skip the water and wipe them off with an old rag. If you find that they get scared during the cleaning, slow down and give them a small treat to help ease their nerves.

Groom Your Dog Regularly

One cause of wet dog smell is when they are shedding and have a lot of fluff that acts like magnet for odor. Brush them frequently and get lots of those clumps of hair out to reduce this.

Don’t Just Towel Dry

Assuming you bathe your dog regularly (which you should), then make sure to use a blow dryer to get them dry faster. A towel doesn’t do as good of a job and can’t absorb all the moisture.

Use a Grooming Spray if Necessary

If the smell is still overpowering even after bathing your pup, you can use a lightly scented grooming spray to help. This will just mask the scent but can help a lot for some dogs.


Hopefully you got some ideas from this post on how to get rid of that gross wet dog smell. Apply them all in combination and your pooch will smell much better!

Guest Post by:  Annie Moore

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4 thoughts on “How to Prevent Strong Dog Smell in Your Home

  1. Great tips! After feeling like i’m constantly washing dog supplies and rugs to get the smell out. I’ve never used baking powder on my carpet but I’ll be giving it a go!

  2. Reading great advice like this always make me thankful that we live in the desert. Our flooring is tiled so that’s one big piece of the smelly puzzle solved. 🙂 The heat, though, does make weekly baths a must! And I probably should wash some of our gear more frequently during the summer. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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