5 Benefits of Adopting a Pet

The companionship of a pet is a wonderful experience, a life changing experience. Animals bring a lot of joy, adventure, and love into your life. There are many benefits of owning a pet but could you improve the animal’s life experience by a simple choice you make? Below are 5 benefits of adopting a pet.

1) You are saving a life

Adopting an animal from a shelter or another rescue organization saves their life. You are giving them a second chance at a better life than the one they had before. There are many reasons an animal may end up at a shelter. Usually it is from abandonment, neglect, or after being found as a stray. These animals are brought into shelters filled with fear and uncertainty. Their world has been turned upside down with confusion. Adoption will fill their hearts with the love and hope that they deserve.

2) Adopting one helps another

With every animal that is adopted, their space in the shelter becomes available for another animal to find their forever home. The more room and resources rescue organizations have, the higher the opportunity more animals have at a second chance in life. Adopting a shelter animal is not only saving their life but giving another animal the same opportunity.

3) Rescuing an animal is more affordable

Adoption fees are usually cheaper than the cost of a new pet. But more importantly you should be aware of what your money is supporting. Adoption fees cover necessary resources and support rescues and shelters in their work helping and caring for as many animals as possible. Often included with your adoption fees are up to date vaccinations, spay/neutering, and micro-chipping. Some organizations also offer a trial period with the animals to make sure you are both suited for each other.

4) Improving the quality of the animal’s life

Many dogs are rescued from puppy mills which don’t have the animal’s best interests at heart. They are continuously bred for their puppies, which are sold at outrageous prices while barely surviving in poor conditions. All animals deserve a better quality of life. Rescuing an animal provides them with the love, care, and attention they desire out of life.

Many shelter animals have dealt with kind of trauma. Adopting them will improve the quality and their outlook on life. Through the love and care you give them, their confidence and joy for life will blossom. With patience in helping them they will begin to live their best possible life.

5) Gaining unconditional loving companionship

When you look into the eyes of a shelter animal, they have these glassy pleading eyes. They are longing for the love and care you can provide. All they want is to be loved. You can see a life of potential in their eyes. These animals express so much gratitude for you and their life with you. Giving that rescue animal a second chance at life will mean the world to them. They will continue to teach you each day and make you see the world differently. Enjoy the little things in life and appreciate everyone that cares for you.

During my most recent dog adoption I dealt with Sophie’s Dog Adoption in Montreal, Canada. She was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process and I am forever grateful for the work Sophie and her team does for all the animals. If you are able to donate to their organization, I know it would be gratefully appreciated, no matter how small the donation.

If you decide on rescuing your next pet, tag us on Instagram or Facebook. We want to see your new found companion.

Guest Post by:  Rebecca Ewing



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7 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Adopting a Pet

  1. weliveinaflat says:

    When we evaluated our options, it made sense to adopt and save a life as you pointed out. Pulling one out of the shelter also means freeing up space for a new dog to be rescued.

  2. Love this! We bought Loki as a pup, but we’re hoping to adopt another because she absolutely loves other dogs. It’s not something we’ve done before but definitely see the value in adopting for both us and the rescue. But I do think it needs to be approached cautiously. Not every dog will fit into your family. I’m sure most rescue centres will ensure homes will be suitable before they release the dog into someone’s care.

  3. All of these are so true!! Adoption is always the best option! Our shelters here are overflowing with loving pups, who sadly will never find a home. ? And while no-kill shelters deserve all the praise, I always recommend my friends to save one from euthanasia. It’s such a sad reality.

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