Holiday Pet Gift Guide

Make the holidays merry and bright with these pawesome gifts for Pets and their Pet Parents!

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Design My Dog

This shop will create a custom pillow, mug, tote bag, canvas, blanket or pet bed!  Each item is 100% hand drawn based on the image you provide!  Perfect gift for that hard to buy pet lover!  Visit their Etsy Shop at

Cat Exercise Wheel

Cats love to play and exercise keeps them happy and healthy.  The Cat Exercise wheel is entirely cat-driven so requires no batteries or power source.  It is made of recycled materials and is easy to assemble and includes FREE shipping right to your door!  Also, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!




Be the best dressed puppy on the street!  Puppydoggyclothes has all the “must have” accessories for your posh pet! So adorable!

Visit their Etsy Shop at

Cat Wine for your Feline!

Let your cat celebrate the holidays with some CatWine, a non-alcoholic wine formulated for cats of all ages!  This feline treat is made from filtered water, infused with catnip and enriched with salmon oil.  They also carry Bark Brew – Dog Beer for your Pup!


bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

The gift that keeps on giving! If you have pets, you struggle with pet hair! The bobsweep Pethair Robotic Vaccuum Cleaner and Mop is here to save the day!  Let bob clean up the dust bunnies throughout your home so you can enjoy hanging out with the family!  A great new addition to any family with pets!

Available on Amazon or

Custom Pet Socks

Personalized socks with your pet on them!! Send a pic of your pet and voila, within 10 days socks will be in the mail to you!  For every pair purchased, the company gifts a pair to homeless shelters around the US.

To order your pet socks, visit



What does every pet need?! A fancy harness to walk the streets this holiday season!  Lutii has stunning pet harnesses and leashes for small dogs and cats! If you have an eye for fashion, you will want your pet wearing a “Lutii”! Nuff said!

Visit their website or Etsy Shop @


Funky and functional PooDoo bag!  Designed to hold dog bags, pet waste and personal items in separate compartments! The reflective, lightweight, water resistant “Poo Doo pouch” allows you to walk without holding poop bags. Put it on your leash or belt buckle.  Also, has a clear back pocket for your cell phone! 10% off  with coupon code: “pawsdotcalm” valid until December 17



Other Gift Ideas:










 Rescue dogs are good dogs too

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