Things to Consider Before Bringing a Puppy into Your Home

Getting a puppy is definitely a joyous moment for the whole household. However, you have to make sure that the puppy is as happy and overjoyed as you are. In that respect, it’s very important that you prepare your home properly for the puppy’s arrival. There are some things that you have to take care of in order to ensure the dog’s safety and comfort, so read on.

Decide on the pet’s corner

Your puppy will need a space of its own. With that in mind, designate an area in your home that the puppy will use. This is very important since the puppy shouldn’t be allowed to roam too freely around your home in the first few weeks. This is because the environment, the smell and the noise can overwhelm and stress the pet out. Also, make sure that the designated space for your puppy is somewhere suitable, such as a corner in the kitchen, laundry room, hallway, etc.

Organize the space

In order for your puppy to be completely safe in your home, you need to pet-proof it. This doesn’t have to be anything extreme. However, make sure that there are no any toxic plants or chemicals in places the puppy can easily reach. Moreover, you may want to remove or hide the cables to prevent the puppy from chewing on them. Also, try to remove any objects that may fall on your pet as it runs around energetically.

Get the necessities

If you want to take good care of your pet, you have to provide it with the love and comfort that it deserves. In that respect, don’t forget to purchase enough pet food that’s perfect for your puppy’s breed and size. Of course, you will need at least two bowls, for food and water. Moreover, there are hygiene essentials. Proper shampoos and brushes for your puppy are a must. The sooner the puppy gets used to being groomed, the better it is for everyone. Also, one of the most important things you have to get for your puppy is definitely its bed, crate and bedding. You have to check the size of these essentials in order to make sure they will suit your dog properly. Obviously, some pet toys would be in order as well.

Think practically

Before you get your puppy home, you may want to take care of some potential issues. For example, it’s only natural that your puppy won’t be trained to go outside for its needs right away. Some accidents are bound to occur. Therefore, it would be smart to use some stain resistant rugs in the space the puppy will occupy. Removing the carpet completely may be uncomfortable for a pet and/or can damage your floor, which is why these types of rugs are a perfect solution in this case. Also, young pups are more likely to need a vet’s care. Find a trustworthy veterinarian before you bring your puppy home so that you don’t waste any time once the need to visit one arises.

Prepare to dedicate some time to your pet

If you’re bringing a puppy home, you can’t expect that everything will work out just fine simply because you pet-proofed your home and bought the necessities. You actually have to spend time with your pet and train it. This is the only way that they can get used to acting naturally both indoors and outdoors, without the anxiety or anger issues. Even if you decide to opt for a professional dresser, you still need to show your pet some love.

Remember, a puppy is not a toy. In that respect, you can’t expect it to be a décor piece for your home. It needs love and care just like any other living being. Not only is the environment going to affect your pup but the social interactions will as well. With that in mind, treat your pet as a true new member of your family.


Guest Post by:    Diana Smith


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