Nose Nourish Balm by Chellys Dogmetics

I would like to introduce to you our very own nose nourish balm by Chellys Dogmetics.  All made from natural ingredients, it has been trialed and tested by many dogs all around the world with all positive feedback.  Please see the pictures for proof.
We believe this is the next best thing for dogs with cracked and dry noses and paws.  We are currently in contact with a couple of vets who are trying the product out on there own dogs and will likely start selling it on their shelves.  We have 100 percent faith and trust in our product.
We currently sell our product in the UK mainland for 8 pound per tin which is 2 oz.  The postage is £2.75 for next day delivery.  We do ship overseas.
About us….
We are a normal couple who want to make something positive out of life, we are strong pet lovers and we devote our life to our dog, buddy the bulldog.  We want to take our product to the next step now and get it noticed around the world!
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Guest Post by:  Chelly Dogmetics

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