How to Keep a Dog Safe on a Hunting Trip

There are people who are hunting fanatics and would do anything to have a good kill. But, when it comes to the pet you have, you can never leave them back home while enjoying a trip. The most stressful part is when you have to take a dog together on a hunting trip, but you definitely dread if something bad happens to him.

In order to ease this out for you, here are some things to keep in mind if you want to take your dog back home, sound and healthy:

Use Travel Kennel:

This might have nothing to do with the first-degree hunting, but travel kennel can save you a lot of trouble. It will keep your dog safe in a moving vehicle and under control throughout the journey. In case you want to leave your dog unattended while going for hunting, kennel is what will keep your dog out of any harm’s way. Furthermore, it is sometimes mandatory in hotels for tourists with pet.

Take Along A Leash And Collar: It is the foremost thing and as essential as your hunting boots while taking your pet to a hunting trip alongside you. It is a must to have an absolute control over your dog while you are in a public place. Your dog won’t be tempted to run away in forest, and you can control him if there is any danger of a wild animal.

Proper ID Tags:

No matter how orthodox ID Tags may sound in the age of microchip, tracking collars, and GPS, they are definite things to have. Tags are the fastest way to locate your lost dog. Moreover, they don’t depend on batteries so you won’t have any problem if the weather turns bad or GPS can’t catch signals. Just write your name and number on the tag, and someone will definitely call you to recover your lost dog.

Necessary First Aid Equipment:

Though we hope that you never get to use the equipment of the first aid kit during your hunting trip, but it is important to take along. You should pack medical tape, gauze wrap, hydrogen peroxide, blood stopper powder, scissors, and tweezers etc. You never know when your dog gets injured or poison himself. These things will always save you from the trouble of losing your dear pet.

Other than first aid, dry towel, neoprene vest, and dog bed should also be taken so that you can protect your dog from the extreme and harsh weather.

Locate The Local Vet:

It is best to stay updated with the local pet before you embark on a hunting trip. Bring along the medications of your dog and a copy of your vaccinations if you are travelling to some other part of the country for your trip. This information can prove helpful for the vet’s use. Locate the nearest possible veterinarians so that you can take your dog there immediately in case of any emergency.

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