Preparing to Leave your Pet for the First Time

Preparing to Leave your Pet for the First Time

Whether you’re going away for a month or just going on a weekend getaway, leaving your pet for the first time is never easy. Once you welcome a pet into your home, they become a member of your family, so it’s normal that you feel concerned and anxious about leaving them. However, you can ensure that your dog is safe and happy while you’re away by preparing for that occasion in advance.

Separation anxiety

Since dogs are very people-oriented and dependent on their owners, they might experience the separation anxiety after they’ve been left for the first time. Anxiety usually occurs 20-45 minutes after the owner leaves. Your dog can start acting out and exhibiting behavior such as barking, whining, howling, gnawing, scratching, or going potty inside the house even though they’ve been trained.

In case you notice that your dog is prone to separation anxiety, there are several ways to alleviate this affliction. Before leaving, you can leave a piece of your clothing so that your dog can sense your scent, which can have a soothing effect. You can also train your dog beforehand by not paying attention to them when you come back from work until they come down. Don’t give in to their puppy eyes because this is an important step! Additionally, you can create a safety cue, a word or action that will tell your dog you’ll come back. For example, before leaving your dog, you can give them a toy as a safety cue that you’ll be back. Of course, this will require training, but it can make separation much easier for your dog.

Crate training

To ensure that your dog stays out of trouble when they’re left alone or when your sitter has to go out, you need to crate train them from an early age. They shouldn’t see a crate as their prison, but as their safe place where they can feel comfortable and secure. Surely, keeping your dog in a crate can be cruel if not done properly, so it’s important that you learn how to crate train your dog and use a crate as a useful tool.

Hiring a sitter

If you decide to leave your dog at a kennel, employees will be likely to follow their own schedules. Instead, you should consider hiring a sitter because they can be more flexible and considerate to your dog’s needs. However, you need to make sure to leave your dog with a person who will genuinely take care of them, so it’s advisable that you meet the person beforehand and see whether there’s a connection between them and your pet. The best possible solution is to find someone willing to come to your home because this way your pet won’t have to change their environment and can keep their daily routine. Luckily, you can find an agency for house sitting in Sydney that will help you find a reliable pet sitter who will tend to your furry friend while simultaneously taking care of your house.

It’s not a big deal

You’re about to leave your house, you’re really anxious and sad, and you want to hug your dog and pet them until they calm down. Well, don’t! One of the hardest and most important things you need to do is not make a big deal when leaving and returning to your home. If you spend a lot of time saying goodbye to your dog, you risk causing separation anxiety. You have to make your pet think that you’ll come back in a minute in order to keep them calm. The same goes for your return – ignore your pet for several minutes and pretend it’s not a big deal.

The first time you leave your dog will be the hardest, but if you train your pet and prepare them for the big day, you’ll make the entire situation less stressful and tense.

Guest Post By:  Emma Lawson

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